What Is Salary Insurance – Covers 80-90% of your salary income on unemployment

Should I take out a paycheck?

After all, it is always a good question whether or not to take out a wage hedge. If you are in work and may be earning around DKK 22,000 a month, it may well be the goal of having to pay for a paycheck every month. In the end, it won’t give you more than a few hundred bucks extra when the tax is paid.

If, on the other hand, you have a higher salary, it will be clearly recommended that you take out a salary hedge.

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This is usually done at a congress where you are elected for a period.

The trade union is usually divided into many departments. The main account is usually where the day-to-day management takes place. In the larger cities there is a branch office which represents the workplaces in the local area. And then there are the local groups, which are based on each individual workplace. A trade union consists of union representatives who are chosen by people in the workplaces that the trade union represents. 

All these units work together to give you as a company the best conditions.

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At trade union there are many opportunities. Here you can get both legal assistance, but also in connection with unemployment they stand by your side and give you some opportunities. This is in collaboration with what is called an a-box. If you want more about what an a-box is, then you can read much more here.

Going from a high salary of, for example, DKK 40,000 a month, and then down to about DKK 18,500 in unemployment benefit, can be a tough blow for many families. At worst, with longer unemployment, it may cost both house and car.

So it’s constantly a combination of what one thinks will be best for one’s self and one’s family.

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